God is a Recursive Function

Jan 19, 2019

Have you ever looked into the mirror and thought the following?

“Wow… It’s pretty damn cool that I’m controlling a human body right now.”

Much of the intuition for the topics which I’m about to share with you can be pursued further in this awesome Podcast. It’s Aubrey Marcus’ first of his two Podcasts with Paul Check:

Aubrey Marcus Podcast with Paul Chek

The conversation is absolute ear candy. While you’re at it, consider giving Aubrey’s Podcast 5 stars! He releases really high quality content every Wednesday, and I’ve been soaking up what he puts out like a sponge for over a year now.

Time to get ultra spiritual!

God is an extremely abstract concept. God makes up everything that we will ever experience, what we are experiencing now, and what we have experienced. Paradoxically, they are the same thing yet different at the same time because God. For this Blog to make sense, take for a matter of fact that you spirit is god and god wants to experience everything in the universe. To do this god must experience it through every lens possible. What this means is that we are all god, just wearing the masks of our own ego. Let’s begin!

First, recognize that when I refer to God, I never use personified pronouns like “he” as the common archetypical definition would have someone believe.

To warm up your spiritual brain, first understand that everything in the universe is comprised by a duality of forces. Protons and electrons form at the most primitive level to create atoms. Matter and anti-matter are what mainstream scientists credit the creation of the universe to. This concept is best understood by the Tai-Chi symbol of Yin and Yang when you recognize that the dualities of life do not totally occur in polar opposites, they are a mix of both forces. The symbol does not show a rigid cutoff between the two sides, it’s a swirl that melds one force into the other and represents every potential permutation of ratio between the two differentiating forces at any given time. This concept can be seen by extrapolating it to every aspect of our life. We’re sleeping or we’re awake, we’re hungry of we’re full, we’re breathing or we’re exhaling, we’re happy or we’re sad. But none of these are ever fully one or the other. We’re mad at that person who just cut us off as they were driving out of the McDonalds parking lot then we’re cracking up a dank memes later in the day! This understanding is the precursor to recognizing the nature of God becoming itself through the melding of dualities forces.


As Paul mentions in the Podcast, God is absolute, there is nothing behind God by definition of the word God, and in the same aspect of dualities in the universe, there are two types of absolute. Absolutely nothing, meaning we cannot weigh, see, or perceive something, and absolutely everything, where you can look out the window and see everything. Those who are familiar with quantum physics will understand that something measured at zero is not nothing, but instead pure potential. And here’s the kicker: The absolute expresses itself through consciousness as it combines with itself at the speed of now. This is what we often refer to as Spirit, the driving force of God happening within and around us. What we often refer to as the Soul is God within us looking at itself through the relationship of our ego relative to other egos.

So where does your body fit into this equation? Well I alluded to it in my previous Blog about your spirit’s journey, but your body is simply the lens of perception through which you (spirit) experience the world as a being. Your spirit is god and paradoxically your body is god because without your body the universe wouldn’t be the universe. Knowing that we are all god experiencing itself, we can start to model this extremely abstract concept and attempt to do the impossible of understanding something which by definition cannot be understood: God!

import thread
import random

class ObjectInUniverse():

    def __init__(self, *attributes):
        self.attributes = attributes

    def do_something(something_somewhere):
        return hash(hash(self.attributes) * something_somewhere)

class God():

    def __init__(self):
        self.experiences = []

    def experience_god(self, obj):
        """ God experiences God and Never Stops """
        self.experiences += [obj.do_something(random.random())]

god = God()


alden_jenkins = ObjectInUniverse("red_hair"),
john_doe = ObjectInUniverse("generic_name") 
that_one_flower_out_next_to_your_house = ObjectInUniverse("blue_petals")
# .... Continue to create everything in the universe

objects = [attr for attr in locals().values() if type(attr) is ObjectInUniverse]

for obj, counter in enumerate(objects):
    thread.start_new_thread(god.experience_god(obj), counter)

While it is literally impossible to comprehend the grandeur of God, this can act as a primitive example that should help to understand the nature of thinking spiritually and not getting caught up in the moment and saying “poor me” when times get tough. Keep in mind that this program is not even runnable because it’s impossible to generate infinite numbers and store them like I would want to for God’s matter attribute. And create_universe() is a project for another time!

Something to notice is that I used ObjectInUniverse as the name of the tangible thing which god is experiencing. This is because God does not exist in humans, God exists in everything because God is everything. Are you starting to get it? Aho! :)

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