Being Ugly Is Just Living Life on 'Expert' Mode

Jan 19, 2019

The inspiration for this post comes from one of Elliot Hulse’s videos. If you’re not familiar with him and are interested in any aspect of personal development, please give his channel a browse. Had it not been for viewing a plethora of his videos when I was in High School, I would not be who I am today.

Elliot Hulse

One of the most beneficial lessons that I learned from an early age through various forms of introspective meditation is the concept of looking at abstract ideas differently than the way that may be typically perceived. While there are plenty of parallels in this concept to programming – solving a problem in a different fashion, trying to piece together parts of a problem as they occur in the debugging, etc. – most of the problems we face in life are not binary in their solution. They are not just solved or unsolved, they are experienced. It’s impossible to see that the solution for the problem of being broken up with by your lover is to simply understand that the universe is doing this for an exact reason which will be presented to you at a later time in your life’s journey, and that harping on what the exact lesson you are being taught is on the day after the breakup will only distance the lesson further from realization. That is, it’s impossible to see that solution until you realize that everything that you experience in this life is here to help you.

Everything Is Here to Help You

I don’t have much to add to Elliot’s wonderful explanation, just to reassure you that what Elliot is saying about how each of our own soul’s evolution is unique from that of any other is 100% true. Your spiritual self, your highest self, your strongest self, your best self is omniscient: It knows everything that can be known. However, it is not omnipresent: It has not experienced everything that there is to experience. This juxtaposition of our soul’s nature is the driving force of spirituality: our soul wants to experience everything and your purpose in life is to develop the relationship with your highest self enough to a point where you can work with your spiritual self in unison and allow it to achieve its purpose in this physical manifestation that is human form.

To better understand this idea that your soul has a plan for you, consider for a moment the concept that everything is here to help you. Think about the hardest times that you struggled through in your life. Is there a single time when you had a terribly difficult experience and you didn’t come out of it as a stronger, more developed, and overall better version of yourself? Where you did not learn a lot about how you work under pressure, where your vulnerabilities are, and where your strengths are? Maybe you were injured and weren’t able to do what you love anymore. The mature spiritual perspective of this scenario is that every wound is a womb which provides you the opportunity to grow from. Our spirits are so wise, that if we are doing something that does not bring us fulfillment, they will make us depressed so that we are given the opportunity to re-analyze where we are misaligned with our highest purpose.

The girl in contention in this video is simply a soul who has chosen to experience the life of “an ugly girl,” because that is an experience it has likely not had yet, or has not achieved what it wanted to if it had been before. When you develop the ability to recognize this, meditation becomes easier and more gratifying, and your purpose in life becomes clearer. But if you choose to say “poor me,” life becomes harder because your soul puts obstacles in the way for you so that you will eventually spiral into an introspective scenario where you can sit down and recognize your souls purpose as a truth.

But I really think my soul’s purpose is to be a Billionaire CEO

This could absolutely be the case! But you must objectively understand where that sentiment precedes from first in order to transcend the likely-hedonistic nature of that belief which could lead you down a road towards a big dead end if you pursue it out of egotistical adulation instead of intrinsic spiritual motivation.

The physical universe is so unique because it allows us to be co creators with the universe. For example these two hands that we have allow us to build houses, plant food, hold your child, etc. Imagine every other universe that there could be, with different laws of physics. This experience is so unique and your soul knew exactly what it would experience when it chose to come here. The most beautiful part of each of our soul’s plans is that we knew before being born into a human body that as Human beings, we are given something that we must at least understand, if not transcend by the end of our body’s lifetime, our body’s ego.

Your ego is the thing that tells you not to dance when you really want to dance, when you shouldn’t sing even though your heart says sing, when you shouldn’t pursue a career in art even though you really want to, all because of the social conditioning that it has been hardwired to believe and fear since conception. Once you can recognize this as a matter of fact, your journey into unison with your soul’s purpose, what it came here to experience begins because you are now listening to your highest self instead of your animal self.

I’ll leave you with the only hint you need about where to start this journey: love, the driving force of energy in this universe.

Much of what I’m discussing here alludes to a deeper discussion to be had. One that can’t be understood by the archetypical explanation that is common in today’s society. Brace yourself for my next blog, because it’s one about God.

With all of that being said, remember to always use this following video as your guide going forward to stay authentic and grounded in your spiritual journey by not taking anything too seriously, and recognizing that your goal is not to completely kill your ego, but to come to terms with it for what it is so that you can have a healthy relationship with it and learn to dance with it. Because paradoxically, to do anything else is to not embrace and love everything that you are! Get it? Aho!

Also keep in mind that I still do not even know my exact purpose, but on my past 2-year long journey to understand it, I have learned incredible amounts of knowledge that have made me a stronger, smarter, more proficient, more developed, and more loving human.

J.P. Sears

Much love!

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